No sound from recorded track

I’m new to Cubase and just crawled through the set up phase. I am using Zoom R24 as audio interface to WIN 8.1 and I previously set up some projects transfered from the Zoom R24 to Cubase. These tracks play back fine, but I recorded a bass track that shows levels on timeline, mix console and inspector but there is no sound coming out on this newly recorded track although the other previously recorded tracks play back normally. I’ve checked mute and solo and the output bus seems to be the same as the other tracks.
Can anyone help?

I’ve just found my own answer, in case it helps anyone else. The track [e] button opens a window and there was nothing in the Send box. To the right of the box the cursor brings up a downward triangle and the stereo output was not on. Selected that and the audio works. If I turned that off before I don’t know how I did it.