No sound from RME Babyface

OK, now I’m starting to feel really stupid, cos all I’m trying to do is get Cubase to recognise the audio from my RME Babyface.

I’m plugging my guitar into the instrument jack of the Babyface, after some head-scratching and apparently no signal, I switched on the “inst” button on AN2 channel, and hey presto, the meters are moving and there appears to be sound going to the main output. Speaking to someone at RME distributors Synthax, if audio is at the main output bus of the Babyface, it should be available to Cubase. Sadly, Steinberg had closed for the day before I got to speak to anyone there.

So checked all ASIO and audio settings in Cubase… under VST audio system tab in Device setup, asio driver is set to Babyface, then clicking on the Babyface listed under the VST audio system tab to set the i/o channels, the Microphone/Guitar 1 i/o is listed as active and checked with an “x” in the visible column.

All other inputs are inactive, but that’s ok as I haven’t connected the break-out cables and only recording guitar/bass. Line outs and phones l & R are both active too. Also looked in VST Connections and Babyface/ Microphone/guitar 1 is listed as the device port for Stereo in 1, and mono 1 and 2.

So WHY??? am I getting no sound coming into Cubase. I’ve created an audio track, but it makes no difference whether I set the input to stereo 1 or either mono 1 or 2, the channel is switched on and appears in the mixer window with the appropriate in/out showing. And… nothing!

Please help… it’s driving me nuts as the clock ticks away and the deadline looms!



The VU of the input channel in Cubase doesn’t show any signal either?
When you added an audio track, you did enabled the monitor button on that track?

Well thank f@*$ for that!! Turned out the man at Synthax had neglected to tell me that the loopback button needed to be pressed on the control room channel strip of TotalMix, so nothing to do with Cubase after all.I’ve no idea if that’s the right thing to do, but it seems to be working… why can’t they make it a bit more obvious and ready to go out the box? And have more thorough manual/walk through’s of obvious situations. But thanks for the suggestion.