no sound from the virtual keyboard

2 days ago the sound on my virtual keyboard disappeared. I been using it all the time when I have instruments track. there has not been a problem so far. but now there is no sound when I hit a key on the keyboard. I can see that I hit the key but there is no sound in the project. wireless kboard but no problems with the battery. a horse for any good advices.

Is it possible that whatever vst instrument (or even the assigned sound) you were using was deleted or reassigned from the instrument track? If so, just choose a vst instrument again and don’t forget to choose the sound you want.

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no I’ve tried that. the sound is on the vst instruments but when I use the keyboard it is silent. I can see the key are being used but no sound. I don’t have a midi keyboard I only use the pc keyboard.

I’m sorry that you are still having problems. Maybe someone else can chime in here to assist further. But, I want to make sure that your instrument track is set up properly.

  • You have chosen Devices>Virtual Keyboard to use your PC keyboard
  • On the instrument track to are trying to record to you have the inputs set to “All MIDI Inputs”
  • You have chosen a VST Instrument such as Halion Sonic in the dropdown
  • When you open Halion Sonic you have picked a sound that you want from what is available in the dropdown list.
  • You have pressed the “Record Enable” button on the instrument track.

If you did all these things then you should be hearing sound when you use your PC keyboard. Of course, when you want to actually record something you have to press the “Record” button too.

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thanks for the replay. yes I’ve done all that. I’ve been using it for years and no problem. the sound has always been there.

if you have an instrument interface in focus - eg. Groove Agent - the “e” key of your virtual keyboard will put you in Edit mode, and sound might stop.

just a thought.

I fixed it. I reset the prefrence folder via RUN and then - %appdata%/Steinberg - the sound came back. it took a couple of days to find out. I needed to type everything in the prefrence again. what made the sound go away I don’t know.