No sound from UR22

Just picked up a UR22 to replace my old M Audio 2496 PCI card (which was having issues recording in Cubase and with Windows 10).

I installed the drivers without the UR22 plugged as instructed. Hooked up my KRK Rokit speakers to the L/R outputs on the back of the UR22 and indicated it as both playback and recording device in Windows audio settings.

I have ZERO sound output to my speakers when plying music and ZIP in Cubase either playing or recording. I have tried the input/DAW dial and nothing.

What is the problem???

Did you by any chance connect it to a USB3 port? That may be the issue. Try one that’s USB2

Its in a USB 2 port. I disabled all other audio sources and nothing. The USB light is solid on the UR22 and it shows up as my default device in Windows 10.

Anything conflicting or disabled in your BIOS?

If you plug in your headphones to the headphones jack, and the DAW dial is on 0 can you hear what are you playing?

I partitioned my hard drive and installed Windows 7 and still no sound in or out. Reinstalled the drivers with just my keyboard and mouse plugged in.

The device setup in Cubase shows the ur22 as the main audio device, but it is inactive???

There is a pop from my speakers when I unplug the 1/4 inch cables and also removing the usb cable.

im really puzzled here. Please help.

Also NO SOUND from the headphone out.

I have now tested this on my wifes PC. Turned off the onboard sound in BIOS. Installed current UR22 driver and plugged into usb 2 port and plugged one of my Rokit monitors into the back left input. Nothing…

I’m testing this now with just audio in windows (youtube, mp3’s etc) and looking at the windows volume mixer there is activity in the peak meter, but nothing coming out. I’m drained at this point.

Bump, any help here???

I have the same problem… Any help?