No sound FW WDM

New problem in a system that has been working for months. No new hardware or application updates
Windows 10 on new desktop.

I’m connecting my Yamaha Motif XF via FireWire to desktop PC running Windows 10. I have the latest Yamaha FW driver installed. The DAW I’m using is FL Studio. I have a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 audio interface.

In my DAW, I’ve selected the Yamaha FW as my ASIO. When I record multiple tracks from my motif to the DAW via FireWire, I cannot hear any sound output, although the audio signal is being received and recorded. When I switch the audio interface to the Focusrite ASIO driver, I hear the recorded music just fine.

She I went to the playback devices and selected Yamaha FW WDM audio…I clicked on TEST and the audio bar showed a green signal, but no sound through my speakers. When I select the Scarlett 2i2 as playback device, I hear the test sounds fine.

Hoping you might point me in the direction of a fix.

INCIDENTALLY: when I initially got the PC in June, I plugged in the FireWire, installed the steinberg driver and the audio output worked great. I haven’t used the system in a couple months, but I hadn’t added or changed anything.

Thanks in advance.