No sound in Catalina


Just updated to Catalina and no playback sound in Dorico. Any advice? Thanks!


Have you updated Dorico to 3.0.10?


Okay, I somehow got the sound going. I don’t know what happened, I restarted the computer and Dorico several times pressed all kinds of buttons in Preferences- Play. So now there is another one: it doesn’t play on AirPlay. The computer is connected to my TV audio setup, I can see Dorico on TV screen but the sound is coming out of the computer not from the sound system speakers. And there is nothing in Preferences- Device setup. It used to work like a charm in Mojave, though.

Now when I select the sound system in Audio Device setup Dorico freezes up. I have to Force Quit it.

Please see this thread.

By asking about whether no sound, please do tell us the exact brand & model of the audio interface you are using.
(Especially those class-incompliant audio interfaces that require their own drivers.)