No sound in Cubase 8 with Lynx Aurora

Suddenly I get no sound in c8 with Lynx Aurora 8, and also no signal in the chain if I import an audio file. Cubase 7.5 still working normal with same interface. I upgraded to 8.030, but same result. I have not changed any drivers in Aurora.
Any thoughts?


I have the same issue with nuendo 7, I have been going back and forth with lynx and steinberg. I have been a stienberg user for years. 15 to be exact, and I am at wits end. I’m learning pro tools 12 now. I feel as This issue is ignored. Good luck. Are you opening your own old project from an earlier version? And it works fine in the old? Disable Asio guard and see if you get garbled sound at least. I tried c8 when I was trying to troubleshoot my own n7 issues with the same results. I was told they both use the same audio engine.

Again good luck