No sound in CUBASE Elements 7

Good evening,

i’m new here and i’m pretty much new to Cubase (if this type of question has already been answered, my most sincere apologies).
I’ve downloaded a trial version of Cubase 7, instaled it (so far, so good) interface is pretty user friendly, chose a VST and the problems started. The volume meters indicate there’s signal but i can’t hear anything and can’t find the source of the issue.

I have a “M-Audio Fast Track” which i use for recording guitar/ bass and mic’s and i also have the speakers signal directed to it.
On the back of my PC, going to the mainboard, i have headphones so that i can record without bothering anyone and then listening to the end result through the speakers.
I thought it was some configuration problem so i went to another software i use (don’t know if it would be correct to write other software names so i avoided it) and everything works perfectly.
I appreciate any time and attention given to this matter.



Cubase can only use one ASIO device at a time. If you’re saying you want to input via M-Audio and monitor via computer, you need to use ASIO4All. Google ASIO4All.

Thanks for your reply.
It’s fixed! :wink: