No sound in Direct monitoring

No sound in Direct monitoring.
All indicators work, but no sound.
If Direct monitoring unchecked sound present.
Where is the problem?
Cubase 10.5. RME babyface, Win10

Totalmix setup not correct.

Total mix OK.
All Levels working.
But in QB No signal on Stereo Out…

Sure - you are in direct monitoring mode.

Thank You for so fast answers.
So I can’t hear at all in direct monitoring?!
For what I can use it?

I must put my headphones or monitors strait to the audio output on the soundcard?

With direct monitoring, the monitoring of the live track you are just recording is done directly via the totalmix software. The playback of already recorded tracks goes through Cubase to your dedicated Cubase master out and from there to your dedicated Totalmix playback channel (2nd Row in Totalmix), and from there to your dedicated Babayface Hardware output (3rd Row in Totalmix.)
The live signal you are just trying to record goes straight from the Babyface Hardware input (1st Row in Totalmix) to the Babyface Hardware output (3rd row in Totalmix) without going through Cubase and coming back through a Playback output (2nd Row in Totalmix), as soon as you press the input monitor in cubase. Can not try at the moment, but usually the monitoring output is the the one assigned as “Main out” inTotalmix.
Direct monitoring is usually used if to avoid high latency, which depends on the complexity of the project you are working in. Try without direct monitoring and low buffer sizes in your Babyface control panel, and if the latency is ok for you, use software monitoring through cubase.

Thank You so much!