no sound in Dorico, again

As much as I really like the software, after 3 years, and buying extra the Steinberg UR22, to avoid sound problems!
No luck, I have been working on a score for days, suddenly no more sound, only on that score.

I had at least 20 times, sound problems with Dorico.

This morning it took me 1 hour to input a sextuplet. (not the first time I input tuplets)

Add the sound problems between Cubase and Dorico, and last but not least, the e-liceser absurdiness, and it makes things so frustrating sometimes, working with this product.

Such a pitty, cause it´s otherwise fantastic.

I really hope they get solved “someday”, so far all the “solutions” offered are patched work-arounds.

Sorry you burned an hour on that, but tuplet input doesn’t require any funny business or workarounds. Hopefully you got it worked out.

  1. Select visible note duration
  2. Semi colon for tuplets
  3. 6:x, where x is however many notes would have occupied that spot

Thanks Dakreider, that´s what I did, still my Dorico was in a funny mood this morning.
Anyway Dorico is so much better than Sibelius, I´m not even thinking of going back.
Take care and stay safe.

A new licensing system has been promised, but it’s no small feat so we just have to be patient. Besides, plenty of users, including myself, have had no technical problems with the licensing system.
There have been plenty of threads here with solutions to the problem of loss of sound, many of which involve re-selecting the VSL. I agree that ideally it shouldn’t happen at all, but it seems to happen to you only sporadically: about once every two months.
Taking an hour to input a sextuplet is certainly not normal but is that a problem with the software? Could you describe what it is you were trying to do that took so long, then perhaps we could help.