No sound in Dorico playback or in SE (Windows 10)

I am unable to get any sound out of Dorico, or any of the apps associated. It has the same audio output as my pc selected.

Welcome to the forum @Chi840cken.

Please do from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file here. Thanks

Dorico (485.7 KB)

Hi @Chi840cken , thanks for the data.
Scanning through the log files, I see no reason why it should not make sound.

What if you create a new project from piano template, enter some arbitrary notes, is there no sound output? When you go to play mode and open the HALion editor window and play with the mouse on the on-screen keyboard, does no sound come out?
And at the top middle of the HALion editor is a small level meter, does that flicker while you play with the mouse on the keyboard.
While such project is open, please create a diagnostic report again and post here. Thanks

Dorico (504.3 KB)
no sound comes out, and no flicker when hitting notes

Hi @Chi840cken , thanks again for the data.
I still see no reason why no sound would come out with you.
Could you please try with the Generic Low Latency Driver and if that one does not do either try with FlexASIO which you can download for free from here

I’ve just fixed the sound! I switched to a different driver then switched back and it started working. Thank you so much!

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Using Windows 10 : Initally I tried the new Elements 5 Trial version - but couldn’t get any sound, even trying my existing Noteperformer 4. Gave up and uninstalled all Dorico app files…
Then not wishing to give up, today I downloaded the free SE 5 version with all sections as shown in the Download Centre. Still no sound either on start-up or for any playback (inc via Noteperformer). Seeing previous post here, I am attaching Diagnostics Report. (NOTE : My Dorico app and desktop shortcut are titled “Dorico 5” with no indication it is the SE version.) I’ve been using Sibelius for years and feel I will have to revert to that and give up on Dorico.
Dorico (395.0 KB)

Welcome to the forum, Margaret. I’m sorry you’ve had problems getting sound! It looks from your diagnostics as if your computer has a Xonar soundcard/soundchip. Can you have a go at trying one of the other audio devices that is listed in Edit > Device Setup, e.g. the Generic Low-Latency ASIO Driver? Do any of them make sound? What if you click the Device Control Panel button for the GLAD and ensure the first option in the dialog about “exclusive control” is disabled?

If none of those options help, please try downloading and installing FlexASIO from here, and then choosing the FlexASIO driver in Device Setup:

Hi @Margaret_Simmonds and @dspreadbury ,

at the time Margaret created the diagnostics report, Dorico was already set to the Generic Low Latency ASIO driver, therefore I propose to rather use the Xonar DG ASIO driver instead and see how that one goes, because in general, dedicated ASIO drivers to an audio interface or built-in soundchip are to be preferred over any generic driver.
But should that Xonar DG ASIO driver also not work, then it is time to try out the FlexASIO driver. Or the Steinberg built-in ASIO driver, as can be downloaded from the link given in my posting here.
Should you still not be able to get any sound, send me a private message and we can arrange for a remote screen sharing session.

Thanks for response, Ulf, but I’m not going to be using Dorico - I’ve realised that it doesn’t export score videos, and importing XML files (from Sibelius, doesn’t work properly. I’m uninstalling all Dorico components today.