No sound in import audio window (cubase 6.0.1)

Hello, when I try to import audio in Cubase 6 (Mac OS X Snow Leopard) there is no sound to hear what I want before importing.

Could anyone help me? please

Thank you!

Do you use Control Room or no?

may sound silly but have you ticked the auto play box?


mashedmitten: I don’t use control room.

gstar82: I have ticked the auto play box, but not sound.

I have the same configuration I had in cubase 5, but now there is no sound, I do not understand why.
It will be a bug? someone else the same thing happens?


Is your main out set to Main Mix in VST Connections?

Problem solved, was that when opening a project from a friend was activated the control room.

Thank you very much everybody!

Not to steal your thread, but I had the exact same issue and disabled Control Room (which I did not know was enabled, must be by default).