No sound in Media Bay

After the Media Bay finally loaded it worked properly for a few minutes. Now I get no sound at all. No settings were changed.
Any idea?
Thank you.


If you are using the Control Room, ensure you have any Monitor bus enabled and the bus is routed to the meaningful Audio Port.

If you are not using the Control Room, right-click on the Stereo Out bus in the Audio Connections > Outputs and enable the Main Mix on it.

Nothing. I hear, as before, the normal sound (from VSTs) but not the Media Bay (The pop up one AND the side one). This is quite frustration since I used (or used to use now) the Media Bay a lot…


Did you set the Main Mix? Or did you activate the Control Room?

I tried both. Nothing worked. I either misunderstand or my problem lies somewhere else.
I just think it’s weird that everything else works.

It works in Cubase Pro 12 btw…


Could you attach a screenshot with the Control Room enabled, please?