No sound in Nuendo on Windows 10

I have just installed Nuendo 4 on my new computer with Intel Core i5-12400F. I installed Asio4All too.

My OS is Windows 10 22H2.

The problem is I have no sound in Nuendo at all. I have a portable version, so maybe some features are cut off from it, but I’m perfectly sure that the same portable version worked fine on Windows XP and Windows 7 on my old PC (from the same single folder).

Also there was a WSAPI driver in the list, as far as I remember, which is missing now (maybe I am wrong and it is not included in my portable version though).

I tried everyting I have seen on these forums to make Asio4All work, but I still have no sound in Nuendo after it is been launched (and everywhere else too, even when exclusive mode is disabled in Windows for the device). Please help me

What exactly is a “portable version” of Nuendo …?

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What do you mean by “from the same single folder”?

Can you attach an image of your eLCC? I’m really curious about what your actual license is (blur out any personal info such as eLicenser numbers). I’ve never heard of a “portable version”.

Surely you have a proper audio interface with an ASIO driver if you are using Nuendo.

Also, please tell me you are not trying to use a cracked version.

I kinda wonder if that is the case given that it is Nuendo 4 on a modern PC.

That aside, cracked or not: OP Nuendo 4 is seriously old. It was released in 2007 so we are talking XP days (Vista had just come out). While XP era software CAN work in Windows 10 (by the way if you have a 12th gen CPU you want to move to Windows 11, it supports them better) it isn’t always going to. A lot has changed in the intervening 15 years.

If you have a legit copy, I’d suggest seriously considering an upgrade. It is expensive, $400 right now, though upgrades go on sale a few times a year and you can probably get it for $200. It is well worth it as not only will it work better on newer computers, but it has a ton more and better FX, as well as being 64-bit which means support for new plugins as most aren’t 32-bit anymore.

If you are using a pirated/cracked copy, then this forum is not the place to ask about it.

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Dude comes on official Nuendo forum to ask why his cracked software isn’t working.

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Never heard of a portable version of Nuendo. What exactly is that? Can you post an image of your product box for us? Thanks.