No sound in standalone Halion Sonic but works fine in Cubase

I’m trying to set up Halion/Halion Sonic on a new macOS 10.15.6 installation on a MacBook Pro with Motu M2 interface.

When running Halion as a plugin in Cubase with M2 configured as the interface, everything works as expected.

When running Halion in the standalone app with the same ASIO Driver and all the other setting as the ones in Cubase, there’s no sound coming out. When I tap on the on-screen keyboard, the keys change the state for a brief second, and go back to the default state, which looks similar to how it behaves when no output is connected (despite the output combo box on the main screen and Preferences/Advanced saying otherwise). No midi activity is shown in the app.

When I switch the driver to the built-in one or to the sound bar of my monitor, the sound is emitted as expected. I have the Motu M2 drivers installed, and normally I would suspect that it’s the interface’s fault, but it works fine in Cubase, Ableton, and the standalone Positive Grid apps as well.

Is there anything I can do to diagnose the problem? Perhaps I’m missing something trivial due to lack of experience with the app? Any hints very appreciated!

I have the same windows 7

Are you also using M2 as the interface?

disregard, I hadn’t set thing right.

Make sure you select the audio driver in the Cogwheel options in the top center-left header and set your settings there.

Thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, I’ve set the available driver options in preferences to match Cubase, yet Halion still doesn’t work standalone.

I’m curious if there are any logs I could check to understand what’s causing this.

Hi there! I’m experiencing exactly the same problem. Did you solve it?

No, unfortunately not.