No sound levels in on V10.5 - V9.5 works fine

I can get no sound showing on the input to an audio track in Version 10.5.

Even with the most basic set-up (ie built-in mic and speakers). Studio setup and audio inputs triple checked!

Other apps (eg Garageband) work fine, as does exactly the same setup in Cubase Version 9.5


Is it just about the meters (graphical issue)? Can you hear the sound?

Is the correct ASIO driver selected? How is the Audio Connections > Inputs set up?

Duh, fixed it! - needed to change OSX system settings > Privacy > access microphone. Never set this up for previous versions, yet they all have it set - and without this permission my audio input hardware (Inspire 1394) was also blocked, not just the microphone.

Oh, this thing again… Sorry, I didn’t come to this one now.

I need help, I have a laptop that appears to have a 4 pin firewire, this is not helping with the connection between the laptop and Yamaha N8. Can I assume that I need a 6 pin firewire, if so any recommendations on a cable, I want to start using my desktop, need a firewire card for it, again any recommendations? - Thanks…