No Sound - Mac M1 mini, Cubase 12.0.52

Today everything worked fine. I go to open Cubase this evening, and now I get no sound to my UR22c. Dorico works fine, YouTube works fine. Cubase does not.

I have all the appropriate settings in System Setting set correctly. Any ideas?


Disregard… it is something specific to the file. I opened another file, and it works fine.

I do not know what happened to make a specific file, that I just started, not work.


I do have more issue that I have not yet encountered, concerning this issue.

Historically, I launch Cubase and I just begin to learn/work in Cubase. The issue that occurred is now the output by default is being to “not connected”. I’m not sure what I did, I’m not sure what occurred. But is there a way to have that set to my UR22c by default?



If you were using other Audio Device (for example built-in audio), this could happen.