I am very new to this - I have just downloaded Cubase Elements 9

I have an AKAI EIE pro interface

I have an AKAI MPK MkII controller

I have hooked the MPK up to the computer and loaded up a VST instrument -via Groove Agent SE. The input is working as I see the “volume bar” rise with each time i touch the pads / keys. But Alas no sound. Even Metronome is not making a noise.

I have set the ASIO output to be from EIE (speakers)

I have also tried connecting the MPK straight into the back of the EIE and seems to be the same results.

I don’t normally have an issue with sound when using just a normal analogue instrument - having said that, that was on a much older version of Cubase.

Sorry for the daft question but SOMEONE BRING ME SOUND!



Do you have sound if you “hit” the pads on Groove Agent with the mouse?

Can check your Cubase connections, press f4 to bring it up and check both input + output settings.

Are you using an oficcial Cubase, or did you download a cracked version?
Had the same problem a few years ago, when I tried to install an illegal copy. Many of the cracked versions lack one particular codec (don’t remember the name).
In my case, the sound came back when I installed it. So if it’s your case, I’ll try to see if I can find it again.
P.S. the cracked Cubase is now long gone; it’s cheaper to buy a licensed program than to spend several full workdays installing a cracked copy.