No sound, no out signal, but only in one project

Probably a stupid question, and if so, steve would be happy to tell me - but I have no out signal from one specific project, not from midi or audio.
I have out signal from other projects, but I’m revisiting an old project so maybe files have been moved, but I did’t get any search-for-files questions on start up.
I’ve checked the Asio driver and outputs.
I’ve read the manual and old posts but can’t find the problem.
I’m kind of going crazy here, so what have I missed?

Cubase Pro 9.5, Windows 7

I believe u need to load VST instruments again for each track.

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Most likely something is messed up with your audio routing. There is a Test Tone Generator plug-in you can use to help sort it out. For example stick it on an Insert on Stereo Out, if you hear it good - move a step back in your signal chain & test again.


Tack you for your tips!
I loaded all VST instruments again but unfortunately still no sound.
I stuck the Test Generator on the stereo out insert, but there was no sound.

Then the problem is most likely in your Audio Connections configuration or your audio interface setup. I’m assuming you saw a signal on Stereo Out’s Meter but can’t hear it.

No, actually I saw no signal on the stereo out meter.

Can you post a couple of screenshots showing the Stereo Out with the Test Generator Insert and also the Test Generator interface opened so we can see how it is setup.