No sound, no save!

It might be a bug.
I’m writing a score as a project. 17 blocks.
I want some blocks to have a special rhythmic sequence.
I copy them, one after another, in a single block in a new project.
Unfortunately, the sound is not working anymore on this new project and I cannot save my project, which is very annoying !
Could someone help?

I think there may be a translation issue. By “block” do you mean flow?

Dear Derrek,
You have guessed right. In French, Flows are named “Blocs”.
Dear Bohy, if you want us to help you, you’ll need to provide some more information. When you say that you copy rhythmic sequences, do you mean ctrl-c and ctrl-v or do you mean that you import the flows (blocks) into another project? Which instruments are present in your new project (in the play mode)? Have you tried reapplying a playback template? You say you cannot save… Is there some kind of message that appears? If so, what is it? Would you mind sharing that project here? Or send it to someone from the team?
As you can see, your post raises a lot of questions. And that’s only here, in my head !

Sorry for being so flimsy!
On my initial score (the one with 17 flows (“blocs” in french), the musical text is written on 3 groups of 4 staves (G+15, G, F, F-15) with only pianos allocated.
I opened a new score with groups of orchestral instruments : wood, brass, perc, strings and copied the music
of some of the flows of the initial (ex n°4 - 8 - 13) thru : Select, CtrL-C and pasted them one after another in the new project, thru Ctrl-V. But there is no sound when I play the music.
By the way, Dorico crashed a lot of time and I had to re-launch it.
The problem with saving the score seams to have vanished ! It showed a little sheet with “no registration available yet” written.
What did the “YET” mean? I don’t know.