no sound on Cubase LE 8

This has been driving me nuts over the last few days. When ever I try and do anything on Cubase whether it is a pre made track or creating a new drum track, there is no output sound at all. I have made sure that I am using HALion sonic 2 as midi instead of microsoft GM table. I do not see where I am going wrong… need help please!!!


First of all, make sure, your Audio Device is selected in Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System.

Then open VST Connections > Outputs, and make sure your main output (probably Left 1 and Right 1) is selected here.

If it still doesn’t work, try to increase the Buffer Size.

thanks for that… i managed to get some sound from HALion sonic but still no sound when putting into the channel. Mega confused… the Driver i have/showing is a Generic low latency ASIO driver.


Could you send some screenshots from the VST Connections > Outputs, and MixConsole (with Routing tab open), please?

its ok now thanks… was a setting on Beats audio that was preventing playback, its all ok now :smiley: thank you though