no sound on Cubase playback

For some reason I can record but the sound doesn’t playback. I can hear it when I record.
Any ideas?

Turn off the monitor? (the little yellow speaker button)
Or turn off the record arm button (the red one)

That shouldn’t matter. He should be able to hear it regardless.

Can Phil66 chime back in & tell us whether it is an audio or MIDI recording?

If it’s a MIDI track, the track assignments [routing] may not be correct.

A little more info would be mutually helpful to be sure.

Thanks for your help. It was an electric guitar plugged into my control surface that I have used for years. Cakewalk V Studio 20. Settings on the control surface are fine.

So do you still have the problem?

Yes :frowning:

Ok, so when you say you can hear it while recording, are you hearing it through your mixer or interface going into Cubase? [a.k.a as direct monitoring]

Ahhh, I’ll have to check that out later on this morning. I can’t remember now. You know what it’s like when you try new software :confused:
I’ll be back :sunglasses:

Ok, yes, it’s an hour after midnight here now, so I’m off to sing at the piano for a while.

I’ll chime in tomorrow sometime and see if we can sort this out for you.

No he shouldn’t ?

But we need more info, press F4 and tell us how your in and outputs are connected.

Ahh, that worked, thanks. It was the monitor icon. Just getting used to it so no doubt I’ll be back.

This is the control surface/interface I’m using it with, is there anything out there at the moment like this? I fancy a change.

Thanks for your help.


Great that it’s working now.

But now I’m a bit confused - if turning off his monitor [icon button] works, than why do I never have to do that?

That’s why I said it shouldn’t matter. Because I never turn my monitor icon nor the record button off until I’m done recording that track and ready to move onto another. And yet I can always hear what I’ve recorded leaving these icons on.

Now surely I didn’t get a gold plated one of a kind copy of Cubase. So am I missing something?

Depends on how you choose to monitor. I sometimes get confused too, my other computer/Cubase is set up like yours, I find it easier for live recording.

I think it is a preference “tape machine style…”

Thanks peakae & jaslan.

Hey I just started having the same problem. I’m totally green at this. Everything was perfect last night. Loaded my project into a template cause I would be lost otherwise and needed something decent sounding quick. This morning dragged and dropped files into a different template to compare them. Did everything the same way and I can’t hear anything. Tested speakers and all is good. Hit F4 and all is connected. Monitor buttons are all off but this is where it gets weird. All the monitor and record buttons on all the tracks are grayed out or disabled not able to click on any of them at all. Mute,solo,read, and write all work. Wasn’t like that yesterday and I’m totally frustrated. You can see the levels but no audio. Somebody HELP.

I only have the trial but I don’t think I’ll buy. I’m going to stick with Guitar Tracks 4. I’ve never had any questions with it and never looked at the manual :smiley:

Hi, I have the same problem, however, I’m new to Cubase so maybe I’m not doing something ok…I plugged in my new Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Cubase recognized it. But, it won’t playback any of the loops (the Cubase loops. I haven’t recorded yet because it also won’t make any sound when I connect the Microphone).
Very frustrating…Don’t know how to get going :frowning:
help me pleaseeee

I know this an old post now, but did you ever get this sorted out?

Go to the top menu and click on Devices. Then click on VST Connections. See if your audio device is showing there.

These settings are project specific, not global.