No Sound on Playback; No Light on Meters

Hello! I just bought Dorico Pro today after trying SE; however, I was unable to get any sound whatsoever from either program at any point on either of my computers. I worked through the YouTube video from 2018 about common sound/playback problems, but where it goes wrong for me is that when I open up the e in the HALion window, and the virtual instrument comes up, no sound comes out, and the meters do not light up either. I’m using a Windows 11 on a brand new computer with simple headphones. I’ve attached the diagnostic as well.

Thanks! Excited to hopefully get this up and running soon!

Dorico (207.5 KB)

Welcome to the forum @k.barnhill .

We will get you up and running, no worries.
You have no sound, because the driver does not find any output ports to where it could stream the audio, so currently everything goes out to void.
Steinberg has a new generic ASIO driver which most likely will solve that problem. For a download link please see my posting here.
For the case that that one also does not do, you can try the third party driver FlexASIO (here).

Thank you @Ulf ! The new generic ASIO driver worked perfectly. It’s beautiful to hear sound! :smiley:

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