No sound on realtime Export Audio Mixdown


I’m trying to export audio mixdown (Stereo out) in real time, however I hear nothing :frowning:
The playback runs, and I can see the meters play, however no sound,
and the Audition Volume slider is greyed out (hence can’t be moved. Screenshot attached)

What am I doing wrong?
Export Audio Mixdown No Audition.png

I’ve never had a need to do a “Real-time Export” so I am not an expert on this but…

On page 972 of the operation manual it says “Cubase Pro only: When Realtime Export is activated, the exported audio will be played back via the Control Room.”

So maybe you need to have the “Control Room” activated for this to happen.

Regards :sunglasses:

I’ts normal not to hear anything during a realtime export. I’ts an export, just like the standard one, just done in realtime because external instruments or effects are used. After the export, you should have an exported “mixdown” file. Do you have that?

Not maybe, but definitely. And of course not only activated, but also configured correctly.

Indeed mates, it’s the control room. Many Thanks!

Now I wonder,
Is there a way to configure Cubase to set the ControlRoom on only when exporting…?

This is since when the Control is open on regular play, then the mix routes to both the Main and the Control, which obviously generates phasing issue.


That´s the reason, why, with control room on and configured, the Main mix outputs in VST connections should not be connected also.