No sound on Youtube tutorial when Cubase AI is running

No sound on Cubase tutorial while Cubase AI is running . Environment: Windows 10 and running 64 bit version of Cubase AI

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There is a settings Release Driver when Application is in Background in the Devices > Device Setup > VST Audio System.

If this is enabled, you can hear the sound from other applications, when Cubase is in background, but the playback of Cubase stops in this case. When this is disabled, Cubase will block the ASIO driver, and you cannot hear the sound from another application, which is using the same driver. But Cubase continues to playback.

Hello, I have the same issue. Cubase is blocking other sound sources. Ex. When I switch to a web browser, Cubase stops playing (and vice versa)

. Release Driver when Application is in Background doesn’t help.
It used to be ok, but last week i had to format my pc, so i downloaded a brand new system with all programs i use (Cubase included). Now i cannot solve the problem.

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Myself, I would recommend to use a dedicated ASIO driver for your Audio Device. If your Audio Device doesn’t have own ASIO driver, use ASIO4ALL, please. Then in the other software, use other driver type (for example this Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver).

Trust me, I tried everything, also ASIO4ALL, but no change. I don’t have this problem with Ableton, only Cubase.