No sound or signal in Master


Im using Cubase 11, and in 1 particular project i dont have sound or signal in the master chanel.
All configuration are fine, and till now the only solution i found is “Reset Mixconsole Channels”, with the problem that this process erase all my inserts in all tracks Channel.

Is there a way to Reset Mixconsole Channel keeping the inserts?
Also, what can be causing this…?


aLSO…i have some tracks that have signal in his channel, but 0 signal in master channel.
All routings are fine, and the “reset mixconsole channel” botton doesnt work here.

i was trying to render in place this tracks hoping to solve the problem, but when i render, there is not audio in new the files created.

please help

Sounds like it could be one of the plugins.

Play the project, removing a plugin at-a-time until you get sound back. Once you find the culprit, undo the changes (so the plugins are all back) open up the problem plugin, save a preset, remove it and re-insert it and load the preset in and see if you get sound again.

It’s happened to me a couple times, but usually ok after reinserting the plugin.

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Jep, happens here when a plugin crashes. Find the plugin and update it, should be solving the issue.

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