No sound or signal on playback

Hi there!

This is driving me crazy!

Zero sound or signal on playback of my tracks.
Cannot find a fix for this. Everything seems OK. Must be a cubase issue. Anyone had this?


Cubase 8.1pro 8gb i5 500gb win8 pro40

And you have sound/signal on input?

Must be …

Thanks for the reply.

I think I have multiple issue, as there is no sound on input either.

I’m trying to narrow down the problem.
The pro40 is connected as per mix control.

I’m trying to see if it’s cubase that won’t even show any levels with previously recorded track. My train of thought is that it can’t be anything else except for cubase re playback signal?

Have you checked your Saffire MixControl settings? For example, I normally use the “DAW Tracking” preset.

In Cubase, have you confirmed your VST Connections (I think that’s what it was still called in 8) in/outputs?

Screenshots might be helpful …

This is a setup you have previously used successfully, or a new problem?

Also …

Yep, yep.

Maybe wait a few more days and post the same thing? With even less information …

Sorry! I thought I was being more specific.
I’m confused. Are you OK helping me or have I offended anyone?
I’m on here for assistance. I don’t want to make anyone angry.

I’m always angry! :laughing:

Here’s the deal …

If you can’t provide any useful information, nobody can help you.

Again, can you provide screenshots of the relevant settings? Have you even checked like suggested?

“The pro40 is connected as per mix control” doesn’t really explain anything.

Details, man. Details. You want people to read your mind, but it doesn’t work that way if you truly want help.