no sound out in medibay

Want to know if you could tell me what my problem is when I bring up medibay and pick a sound.
I then go to the lower left hand side and hit the play button. I proceeds to play the sound but no output.
Everyting goes to default out on my mac.
in vst all out goes there also. cubase 6.5 has no problems if i put the sound on a track and then play it.
I don’t think i should have to do that, put it on a track and then play it.
I have the same problem with the plugin of ozone 5, in preview mode no sound out and yet you can see that it is playing.
I believe that it worked correctly a yr. ago, don’t know what I did.
Any idea’s
have a mac book pro, 8 G, 256 G drive, 10.6.8…
Thank you
harold ferus,jr.

check the studio room setup in the connections.I had similar issue.
hope it helps