No Sound out of Mixer (Cubase LE5)


I have been trying to read up on posts to figure out what is going wrong, but couldn’t find the answer. Hopefully one of you can help.

What I am trying to do: Record records through mixer and turntable plug in to Tascam, using Cubase.

Issue: I have been unable to hear any playback from Cubase to determine how the recording is going. I have gone into Devices/Device Setup to make sure everything is on Tascam. I have also gone into VST connections to make sure all is set up there. I have tried the combination of using Tascam, not using Tascam and on low latency and high, to no avail. I don’t think the lack of sound has to do with this part of the set up, because when I go to the Mixer, I can see the one track showing sounds (using copied and pasted MP3 to run checks), but the master volume in the mixer doesn’t. No mutes are on, no monitors are on, although it doesn’t work with them on either. I have attached a screenshot if that helps.

I imagine it might just be something simple I am missing, but would appreciate the help.

Here are my stats:
HP Pavilion Dv6
Cubase LE5
Tascam US-122MkII
Windows 7 - (64)


Make sure, the audio track is indeed routed to the correct master output.

I need help with this too. I am a novice, alI I want to do is record two tracks. When I press record, nothing records and there is no playback. I can hear what I am playing, but nothing is saved. I am so frustrated with this software I am ready to give up.

Please help.

Probably should have started a new topic. But, anyway …

Two tracks of what?

Kind of hard to play back what is not recorded :wink: .

What are you playing?