No sound out to the speakers in my UR22 mkII

Hi guys,

I got a new UR22 mkII and two S-DJ50X powered speakers. I am quite new at this so I might be doing it all wrong, but I cannot get any sound to the speakers. The UR22 is connected to my MAC through the USB, and then is connected through the output line ports to the TSR ports in both speakers.

Is there anything special I should be doing to hear sound from the speakers rather than from my computer?


Sounds like you connected everything properly.
In that case it’s probably just a matter of telling your computer which audio interface to use.
I have no experience with Mac’s, but I’m sure it’s got some audio settings somehwere where you can choose between onboard audio and the UR22.

If you’re using the UR22 with a DAW or DJ software, you will have to make this setting adjustment in that program instead of your general mac audio settings.
Let us know if you’re still stuck!