No sound output in newly installed Cubase pro 13 trial version


I was excited to get the Cubase 13 pro trial version to test it out, but for the love of me I cannot get any sound from the system for days now. I´ve watched multiple instruction videos and tried to do the setups accordingly, but no luck. I went to Studio setup, also to Audio connections, to the computer sound setup. I tried to select the inbuilt stereo output of my computer on all of the output options, but nothing helps! It´s been days now and I still cant hear a sound… Please help or guide me to someone who can help me. Thanks!

Without more information about your setup, it is pretty much impossible to help.

At least say what operating system you are using (Windows/Mac and which version).

This leads me to believe you are not using an audio interface. Is that the case?

Sorry for the careless way of asking the question… I have an Asus zenbook 14 laptop with Windows 11. The inbuilt soundcard is Realtek, as far as I can see. I thought Realtek WAS my sound interface…Maybe I dont kkow what an interface is. Is it an external soundcard?
Anyway, I tried all combinations, chosing Realtek as my sound system, as well as trying to use the default option and Asus4ALL, but nothing works. If you need more info let me know. Nothing happens when i press play, no meters, nothing…

What about the Generic ASIO driver? Did you tried it?

Yes, I did. I chose Low latency Generic ASIO driver if that is what you mean. Still nothing.

I tried adding an instrument but the notes I have drawn make no sound at all. And i dont think anything is muted. :sweat:

You should only need to set the output in the control room tab, as this is the easiest setup to manage in my opinion, as it doesn’t affect projects and is a global setting.

Ensure that control room is turned on too. Remove all other output assignments to prevent confusion.

I’m guessing you’re getting no errors or anything? It’s also possible that another application has access to your integrated audio interface if you are.

As a test, I would also try dragging in a .wav file onto the timeline as it rules out any kind of MIDI/VST routing issues. There will be some in media bay, if you’ve got none to drag in.

What is configured in the Control panel of the driver?
The Realtek Audio hardware doesn’t come with a default ASIO driver, so a virtual ASIO device is needed to make use of that kind of devices.

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In your case … yes, I think it is.

Yes. Ideally, an audio interface with it’s own ASIO driver is the preferred method of working with Cubase. However, you should still be able to produce sound without one.

After choosing your driver in the Cubase setup (in your case, probably either ASIO4ALL or the supplied generic driver), you need to configure your outputs. This is where screenshots could be worth a thousand words.

Under VST-Connections there are Input, Output, etc tabs. Did you configure the Output connections correctly?