No sound output - need help!

Apologies if this is not the right forum or if this has been answered elsewhere, any help is greatly appreciated. I’ve just done a fresh install of Cubase Artist 10.5 on a fresh install of Windows 10 on a new Dell desktop PC. The installation seems to have been successful but I can’t get any sound to be produced out of my computer. The computer produces sounds fine otherwise, just not out of Cubase. I’ve spent the last hour trying to search forums and clicking around settings but can’t find a fix that works. Upon initial setup I selected the Realtek Asio driver rather than the generic one, but I don’t see where I can switch back to generic to try that. In the “Audio Connections” settings box it shows the Realtek driver selected (with no option to select the other) and the sound outputs show “HD Audio Output 1” and “HD Audio Output 2” for the right and left channels, which seems right and there’s not any alternative to switch to when I click the boxes. I’m very inexperienced with Cubase, having come from GarageBand where everything worked fine out of the gate with no fuss. Thanks in advance.

Update - I figured out how to switch to the Generic audio driver and now Cubase is producing sound, but with a noticeable lag between key press on my Midi controller and sound produced. I had read elsewhere that the generic driver is poor and it’s better to use the Realtek driver, but that isn’t working for me. Does anyone have any suggestions on this sound lag issue? I’m using an M-Audio Keystation midi controller plugged directly into the computer’s USB port.

Solved - Apparently something about the normal drivers and/or my computer’s sound card weren’t sufficient to process the audio without lag. I’ve just intalled a Focusrite Scarlett audio interface and now that I’m running all the audio through that using the Focusrite ASIO drivers, the lag has disappeared.

Well done, that’s good news!