No sound, suddenly

I had gotten used to going to the edit > device setup menu everytime I use Dorico, to switch on the sound.
But now this doesn’t work anymore! What’s wrong?
Greeting, Esther


In what way does this not work now. What happened before and what happens now instead? What have you already tried to fix it?

What computer operating system and version are you using? Windows 10?

This should not be necessary.

On your ASIO settings try unchecking the the box Allow ASIO host to take exclusive control.

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And where do you expect sound to come out from? Via loudspeakers? Please give more details.

Ha, now suddenly it’s working again! Apparently, switching the computer on and off did the trick. By the way, yesterday Dorico had allready started to act strange, getting stuck several times.

However, the problems continues that the system sounds and internet sound don’t work when Dorico is on. A long term solution is welcome!

I get the notification “undifined external error” when playing, for example, Winamp.

Further information:

I play the sound over loudspeakers.

Windows 10

And is this usefull?

Naam NVIDIA High Definition Audio
Fabrikant NVIDIA
Status OK
PNP-apparaat-id HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10DE&DEV_0093&SUBSYS_19DA2516&REV_1001\5&3289216E&0&0001
Stuurprogramma C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\NVHDA64V.SYS (, 225,31 kB (230.720 bytes), 7-1-2021 15:04)
Naam High Definition Audio-apparaat
Fabrikant Microsoft
Status OK
PNP-apparaat-id HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_10EC&DEV_1168&SUBSYS_10438723&REV_1001\4&1C71647&0&0001
Stuurprogramma C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS\HDAUDIO.SYS (10.0.19041.264, 420,00 kB (430.080 bytes), 17-11-2020 16:45)

Please see the link in this posting.

Nope, doesn’t do the trick. I’ve allready tried that before.

I’ve also installed some new drivers now, doesn’t help either.

When I have Genericic low latency driver on, I don’t see any speakers in the checkbox “stereo output”, and don’t get any sound in Dorico.

I installed ASIO4ALL a while ago, having read something about that on this forum. This gives me sound in Dorico. But still no other sounds when Dorico is on.

Pretty anoying.

I suppose the fact that no outputs are appearing, is due to some mismatch of Dorico and Windows in terms of sample rate.
Check on Windows your output device and there the additional device properties. On the Advanced tab you can see the default sample rate. Try to set Dorico to the same sample rate and select the corresponding port. Once done, it shall work again.

Finally, it works! Thanks!

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Here I am again, with the same problem. Everytime I use Dorico on a different device I have problems with sound :frowning:
This time, I try to select a different ‘output port’, (the second one, ‘Luidsprekers’) but Dorico switches back to the upper one (Digitale Audio).
We have installed a new driver, doesn’t help either.
Help me!


This is a HUGE nuisance, ever since I bought Dorico. Whenever I work on a different computer I cann’t get sound working properly.

This time it’s: not hearing anything in Dorico. Trying to work things out in de device setup, but there…
a) I can’t choose another driver
b) I can’t choose another output channel, or it seems as if I can, but it keeps switching back to it’s former set uo
c) Same problem with unchecking 'Allow ASIO host applkication to take exclusive control" etc.

These problems are a big downside of the otherwise wonderful Dorico.

But I am shure someone will hand me the solution swiftly, as allways!

Thanks, Esther

OK, now Dorico at least accepts the output device that I wanteld, but still no sound.

(There’s no need to start a new thread within a few minutes of posting to the existing one, so I’ve moved those new posts to the existing thread in which Ulf is already trying to help you.)

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OK, wasn’t shure if reactions on old posts get noticed.

Yes, we see everything :smiley:

On a note, I was already in contact with Esther in a remote session and figured that the HALion contents was not installed.