No sound to sound card after loading project

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Every time I loaded a project in Cubase, no sound is coming to the audio card. The meter for the Main mix shows there is no sound from Cubase. After a few minutes without changing options or settings in the project or the audio settings in the Mac, sounds coming through the audio card to the speakers. In the project no channels are muted, or filtered. When I start an empty project and use a standard Cubase vst this issue will appear. If watch a video on Youtube or play music from iTunes at the same, I hear sounds coming from Youtube and iTunes. I tried to solve this issue by close all applications but the issue still exist. The project is in 44800 KHz and 24 bit. The audio settings of the audio card in the Mac is also 44800 KHz and 24 bit. I’ve tried to solve the issue by changing the project and the settings in the mac to 44100 KHz and 16 bit, but doesn’t work. The sound card must be able to to handle these settings. You will understand that having this issue is pretty frustrating, because I need to wait minutes and minutes to use Cubase while the project is loaded and I cannot find a cause. So hopefully you can help me.

I’m running Mac OS Mojave 10.14.2 and Cubase Artist 9.5.41 build 287. My sound card is a Audient ID22 witch running the latest software.

Do you have any suggestions to solve this problem?

Thanks you in advance.

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i have this issue to , i do not know it is related or not but i think after updating my imac 2017 to Mojava os, i`ve faced to this problem , usually i have to cloase the cubase (9.5.2) and reopen it and after some mins it does works ,

any body can help?

Hi mosimix,

Thanks for your reaction! I knew I should not be the only one with this problem.

Yeah, when I updated to Mojave then I got this problem too. Do you also have an Audient as your sound card? I’m trying to find out what exactly is the case especially for Steinberg.

Last sunday I made a support request to Steinberg. Unformately I haven’t received a reaction. I use also other DAW’s like Ableton and those works perfectly on Mojave. So, seems like it’s a Cubase issue. I sent Steinberg a reminder on this case, because I think this issue is a showstopper. Waiting for minutes and minutes and minutes to hear any sound from Cubase cannot be good. Therefore your mac is recently bought and Steinberg has tested successfully Cubase 9.5 on Mojave. Downgrading from Mojave to High Sierra can be hard and complex, so that will be my very last option. So hopefully Steinberg will help us.

Love to hear from you.

Hi Bjornjan ;

thanks for your reply and sorry for late reply ;

yes i am using audient ID4 , and also i recently bought my Imac 2017 + my cubase 9.5 is uptodate as well .

i try sth but still i have this problme which make me a lot of stops every day , exactly right now i`ve just open cubase and i am waiting for 20 min and still no sound ! some times i reset and make default setting in "studio – studio setup --VST AUDIO System in left bar – and it works ( means that i can hear after 2-3 Min ! and not 20 min)

hope Steinberg help us , let me know if you find any trick .

Thank you again

Same problem here. Cubase 9pro on iMac. Fed up with all the hints to check your device set up and vst audio system. It is NOT that. This is something else and no one , including Steinberg is able to help. Sometimes sounds comes in after few seconds sometimes 20 min. Really frustrating. I wonder whether thats Mac OS’s problem . I am on Mojave.

Hi Raf1,

I’ve downgraded my OS to Hight Sierra. I’m running a Mac mini (mid 2011) with Cubase 10.5 Pro now a days. Now, I have not any issue in this case. @Raf1: can you upgrade your OS to the last available OS. Maybe it is only a Mojave issue.
Kind regard, Bjorn