no sound trough the speaker icon

When I use the speaker icon in a project and want to listen to the recorded waveform by scrolling it with the speaker icon I don’t hear anything. In the older version it worked well, what must I do ? Wich setting will work. It was very nice because I could search for clicks/ticks very quickly

It works good for me (in the sample editor). A few thoughts as you really have not given much detail here…

  • Can you hear the track when played through the project window?
  • Is the main output track muted or set to a low volume?
  • Do you have a vst activated on the track that is set incorrectly?

I guess we need more info…

Regards :sunglasses:

Thanks for your reply Prock

I’ll already thanked you but I don’t see it bach here…

Suddenly it worked and I still don’t know why didn’t make any change

Greetz Frank

Glad it is fixed. Even if we can’t figure out the reason. :wink:

Regards. :sunglasses: