No Sound when auditioning in MediaBay

Hi everyone

I have been trying to audition sounds in the Media Bay using the previewer there but there’s no sound coming out. I can only hear the sample once it is imported into the project. Does anyone know what the problem is? Am I not doing something right here?

Thank you in advance!

Kind regards

Hi. Have a look in the Outputs and Studio tabs in VST Connections (F4). Do your connections look ok? Perhaps you could post screenshots of them. I’m sure when I’ve had this sort of problem it turned out to be something like that. Does the Speaker Tool produce any output in the Sample Editor?

Do you have control room activated? If so: configure the device ports correctly, otherwise diasble it.

Crotchety and svennilenni,

Thanks for the help! I needed to configure the Studio Tabs output in the VST Connections and had to activate the Control Room. Sounds are coming through now! Thanks again

Kind regards

You’re welcome :slight_smile: