No sound when changing drivers??!!

Hello friends,

I have a problem with a project. It wont sound when loading a specific audio interface. When I change the drivers from audio interface 1, to audio interface 2, Cubase just wont output any sound. I know this is some kind of bug, because the channel meters wont even move when I hit play.

I know that the interface works because it plays sounds from windows and it works with other projects and other DAWs, just this ONE project wont sound with interface 2.

What could it be?

Yes. Definitely a bug.

I restarted Cubase and the project started working.

Anyone else has experimented issues like these?

What do you do if restarting Cubase does’nt work?

I have installed Cubase on a new 2018 Mac and it’s missing sound files so no Sound and it’s not helping with it’s settings. I wish the sound would work. Like hello music is all about sound. :key::musical_keyboard::guitar::notes::notes::thinking:

I want to love the product but this is hard when from second one it has problems with having all its own files and codes to fully function.
I really want to love the product but the product has to function 100%

Have you also changed your outputs? If you change drivers to a different device you may need to change your output settings too.

Yes. I have tried that. Changing the outputs does nothing.

I can tell its a bug because the channels themselves don´t show audio activity on their meters. So no matter what change is made on VST Connections, the actual audio activity isn´t generated on the tracks.

Not sure I understand this…does it correctly re-assign the outputs when you change the device?

I’m not saying it isn’t a bug but it’s not one I’ve seen on here before so most likely something system specific (or plugin related).

Is it just on the one project?

You are in the wrong place, hit F4 for audio connections:)

  1. Yes, it does reassign the outputs. VST Connections works fine. If I activate another project, audio does flow out of the tracks.

  2. It only happens on the one project, but this has happened to me before, on other projects. Its an isolated issue. I guess some projects just get corrupted.

Thing is, I work with a lot of different audio devices. Sometimes I need to swap between 3 or 4 different audio devices to move a project between stations (from rednet to generic asio, to focusrite USB, to focursite firewire). So, in some projects, the tracks just stop showing audio output levels during playback, and this happens when changing drivers.

I remember it happening also when opening a project that was recorded on an older cubase version. Recorded it in 7, then opened it in 8.5 and it just would not sound. I had to manually move the audio files to a new project in order to get them sounding.

Weeird stuff happens sometimes in the Cubase world. :laughing: