No sound when playing MIDI keyboard, but working on playback/ selection


I did a search of the forum and couldn’t find anyone having the same problem.

I was having issues with the MIDI input from my keyboard which was solved by de-selecting the WinRT option.

However, now I have another issue. The sound works when playing back and selecting notes in the staff. However, it doesn’t sound when I play my MIDI keyboard, either when clicking on a staff, or during note input… I’m sure there’s an option somewhere that I’ve missed but I can’t find it. I’m using the new Steinberg ASIO driver as I have issues with lack of multi-client support from my RME driver after a win 10 update…

TIA for any help (and let me know what, if anything else you need in terms of logs etc…)


The two settings that come to mind in this context can be found under Preferences → Playback. Your MIDI input device must be activated here, and also MIDI Thru must be activated.

Thanks Bob, it’s probably the MIDI thru thing, I turned it off whilst trying to fix my earlier problem. When I get home, I’ll try it and mark your post the solution then…