No sound when playing music outside DAW

Hello !

Got my UR22 today - I am excited about the purchase! However, I cannot play music in a music playback software (like Windows Payer for example), whereas the sound in a DAW has not such problems.

I am using Windows 8. I can’t play it neither through monitors nor headphones, could anyone help me please?

I assume this is not in connection with Cubase, i.e. Cubase is not running (in this regard you would need to check the release driver setting in the VST sound system).
Your problem might be that you still have an internal soundsystem in your PC active. turn the internal sound off in BIOs, or go into windows control panel and select the UR driver as your primary windows sound driver.

I too, am having similar issues. I attempted to turn off main soundcard via control panel and bios but it’s still not working. I uninstalled steinberg drive, then reinstalled it and again, started to work. However, using my DAW again and I have the same issues again. Do I have to uninstall drives everytime I use it so that the soundcard will work again? Or is there another fix?


What BriHar said and also be sure to update to the latest Steinberg UR drivers.