No Sound When Previewing from Mediabay Artist 12 - Halion 7

Does Artist 12 have a similar function to the Control Room in Cubase 12.
Have no instrument preview sound but plays fine when loaded into project window.
Seen the post for control room but nothing like that in Artist 12 as far as I can see.



Unfortunately is does not. Only Pro has the Control Room.
You can compare the different editions/versions here:

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Hi @Neil_MusicTech,

are you on Windows or on macOS?

This content audio preview functionality works independently and doesn’t rely on the existence of Cubase Pro’s Control Room feature.

I’ve had this unwanted / irregular effect too, a couple of times within the last few years. Sometimes, during a session, Cubase suddenly doesn’t seem to “find” the master output when preview-playing a sound from the right hand inspector pane - while any Project Window tracks play their sounds.

There might either be (1) some temporary / minor misconfigurations within Cubase’s preference file, or (2) a non-ideal / unstable hardware channel integration of an audio interface, or (3) a conventional hard disk that went into power save mode and still isn’t being “on” again, or (4) an error with the loopback function (if available) of an audio interface.

For testing the latter and if on Windows, you can temporarily try and switch from your audio hardware’s ASIO driver to the ASIO Generic Low Latency Driver that comes with Cubase (here you’d need to take a closer look into its internal driver connections), or vice versa:

Selecting the Generic Low Latency Driver ASIO Driver (Windows only)

In any case, you can temporarily deactivate your preferences (-> by starting Cubase in Safe Mode) and then create a new project with completely new audio routings:

Safe Mode Dialog

Greetings & Hope that helps,

Halion doesn’t have previews it seems so the sounds have to be fully loaded to hear them…

Hi @Cris_Harris,


This is the case (1) in HALion Standalone and when run inside Cubase (or another DAW) as a VST instrument instance, while (2) (as far as I’m aware of) HALion is not being started by klicking anything within the right hand inspector pane (Groove Agent MIDI patterns, Loops and Samples → Register card “Media”).

But once MediaBay is open, and after any installed and HALion related VST Sound pack has been selected and one of its presets has been double klicked, MediaBay would send the playable audio to the HALion audio engine (which is being started in the background), while at the same time a matching project track type will be added - yet without visibly starting HALion (Sonic).

One tiny thing must be done right, though: MediaBay’s small “Play” button must be set if one wants to have any VST Sound preset on “auto play”, like this:

(Screenshot - MediaBay in Cubase Pro 12):


All was working fine until Halion 7. The latest halion instruments preview fine. The older instruments don’t preview anymore unless you fully load them into the projects window.
Padshop and retrologue all preview fine as well.
Rather odd, some setting changed somewhere.
Going to try Uninstall/ reinstall, see what happens.

Thanks for that information, I will look into that.

Was all working until halion 7. Something has changed with the predefined system config relating to older instrument files.

Thanks, will check that out.

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Thanks for that most useful info. I may have misunderstood the original message in the forum though…:grimacing:


Hi again @Neil_MusicTech,

thanks for reading my “elaborate”.

For some users, there were indeed things that went wrong when HALion (Sonic) 7 got installed for the first time. The installer did actually overwrite the whole previous HALion Sonic (SE) 3.5.11 VST Plugin (including its resources), and also removed a formerly installed 3.xx stand-alone version (if that one was installed too, that is).

Also, sometimes older projects that were made by using much older HALion (Sonic / Sonic SE) or Groove Agent (SE) versions could (or can) also become a source of errors:
especially when a bigger jump from Cubase 9.x to 12 was completed.

Best way might be to check again if - after installing HALion (Sonic) 7 - there are still some left-over references to any older HALion Sonic (SE) 3.xx version(s), within the relevant XML preset file (for example in Cubase’s user folder which contains all the preset XMLs including the MediaBay database file). Then it might help to start Cubase in Safe Mode, in order to sort things out.

perhaps you’ve already seen it: the first service update for HALion (Sonic) 7.0.0 to 7.0.10 was published today.

Best wishes,

Hi Markus
Thanks for all your information.

I will have a look into the File sets to see if there are any changes that could be affecting the sound/instrument previews.

I’m now trying reinstalling only the Halion 7 without previous versions of Halion.

Will see what happens. I’m hoping CB are not forgetting about the Artist Version with all these new versions and updates.
Will see what I can do in safe mode as well.

I think the issue may be with Cubase Artist 12 as I have just noticed there is no sound from the - Sound Browser. Going to re initialise and see what happens.

Thanks again Markus


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With Plug-in’s disabled for Cubase 12 all instruments preview fine when using Halion SE (older version)
Halion 7/Halion Sonic 7 has quite a few issues with its integration.
I have another ticket in with SB, hopefully get a reply with something helpful next week.
I gather they are working flat out into these issues.

Fingers crossed.