no sound when using computer keyboard input

I don’t use a midi keyboard, and I’m used to monitoring my step time input with live sounds as I enter notes, as in Sibelius, but no joy in Dorico so far. Once notes are entered they play back fine. Also is there an equivalent to Cmnd Arrow up or down to give 8ve displacement, also as in Sibelius?
Thanks in advance…

Ctrl+Alt+up/down arrow will transpose by octaves.

Try playing back your score once (even if its empty), and then hopefully you will find that you hear the notes echoed back to you when you play on your MIDI keyboard.

Hello and congratulations for Dorico.
I would like to hear notes when entering music via the computer keyboard; how can I activate that?
I’m also confused when using my AZERTY keyboard; most of the keyboard shortcuts are not the same as those demonstrated by Daniel.
Also, is there a way to define midi interface entry and output?
Thank you

Jean, I’m afraid there’s currently no aural feedback when selecting notes with the mouse or inputting them via your keyboard, but we’re working on that right now and it will be implemented in the first post-release update.

You shouldn’t need to define anything to get your MIDI keyboard working for input: simply make sure it’s plugged in before you run Dorico.

To be able to hear the notes when pointing with the mouse and when inputting notes is a definitely a MUST feature. Unfortunately I’ll have to keep working with Sibelious that feature will be available.

Thanks for the quick answer Daniel

Daniel, please make that an option in the preference, so that we still can choose if we want to hear the notes or not.

Yes, there’s an option now to control this which will be in the next update.

Thank you for the quick answer and I’m very confident DORICO is going to be soon the best notation program ever!