No Sound While Recording

Hi all,

I seem to be in and out of here like a yoyo…

I have created a drumtrack and can hear this… great.

I tried to record a bass track over the top but get no recorded signal. I can hear my bass as I play over the top of the drums… I get a signal on the transport window. But no signal on the fader in the window to the far left (so nothing through the desk, I guess).

I am on Cubase AI 8, using a Steinberg berg UR22 MKII.

Would it be to do with buses?

Any ideas?



I think a screen shot may be useful here, if possible.

Have you set up any input busses in the VST Connections area?

And if so, have you made sure to select that in the tack that you’re wanting to record on? .

So sorry if you’ve done all this already, but without more info, we need a starting point to go from.