No sound while using the Lexicon Alpha sound card

So I got this sound card today and I followed everything that the quick start said. When I opened Cubase and chose it as my asio driver there was no sound. I’ve tried numerous things but non of them worked. I tried some other daws and it worked in reaper but in abelton 10 lite and fl studio it didnt work.

Hi and welcome,

Try to increase Audio Device Buffer Size. I would recommend to install and use ASIO4ALL (if you are on Windows) instead of shaky native Lexicon driver.

How can I do that since I wanna use my sound card to record my guitar.


In Studio > Studio Setup (older Cubase versions: Devices > Device Setup), click to the Lexicon ASIO Driver (or something like this), listed bellow VST Audio System item. In the window, click to the Control Panel. Control Panel of your Audio Device appears. Increase the Buffer Size here (sorry, I don’t know, how exactly does it look like for Lexicon driver).

Ok I did it and it works now. Ty!