no sound with Cubase 7.5

I am using windows 10 and I just installed and registered Cubase 7.5 on my computer yesterday.
I cannot seem to get any sound out of the program.

Please help

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Please list your audio interface for better assist. Also, some more detail of your project like… have you recorded anything yet? Was it midi or audio?

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In general:
Have you picked your audio interface in the Cubase>Devices>Device Setup>VST Audio System menu. Then set up the required input and output bus(s) in the Cubase>Devices>VST Connections menu (Input and Output tabs).

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You can see some tutorial videos, but for a quick check.
-Connect sound card and make sure the driver is installed.
-Open Cubase and go to device setup, audio VST settings.
-Select your card ASIO driver and make sure to see your IOs in the next item.
-Press F4, add ins and outs and route them to the ports that you have connected your speakers, monitors and etc.

I’m sorry, I am a total novice with this program (Cubase 7.5).
I tried what you suggested and still no sound.
The level meters show that there is a signal, but still no sound.

I think I will just wait until tomorrow and try to call tech support.

Thank you for the reply!