No sound with CubaseLE6

I am trying to use Cubase LE6 OEM version that came with my Zoom R24. I have installed the programs as instructed. I have used the manual set up both correctly. I then imported the files/tracks that I wanted to work with from the Zoom R24. I cannot get any sound.
Here are pics of what I have done.

I do have another pic of the device setup. Any suggestions you have would be great.
Thank you.

Outputs of tracks are set to No Bus. :confused:

Thank you for you help. I am looking at CubaseLE6 but cannot find where to set the outputs of the tracks. Can you guide me to where I do this? Also will I have to do this for every project I start in Cubase?
Thank you again.

In the 3rd SS, set the output to your output bus. If you want to do a Team Viewer session, I’ll show you.

Yes, I would like a Team Viewer session. How do we do it. Thank you.

Download TV and send me the log-on creds via PM.