No sound with Mp4 file VLC correct

Hello, with great difficulty, I finally managed to create an mp4 video file with VLC whose format was accepted by DORICO. The image appears but when reading there is no sound although I have clicked in the console on Video to activate the sound. Is there any other setting that I forgot in the software configuration. And unfortunately, I did not find an answer which gives the result in the forum. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Daniel
I add that I don’t have this problem in CUBASE when I import the video file, I have the sound.

Is the video sound muted in the Dorico mixer perhaps?

Bonsoir, non tout est correctement paramétré sur la console de mixage et je n’ai pas ce problème avec Cubase si j’importe le fichier vidéo.

Bonjour Daniel,
Le reste de mon message sera en Anglais au cas où cela puisse être utile à d’autres utilisateurs :slight_smile:
What codec is used for your audio (ex MPEG AAC audio(mp4a))? You can check it in VLC…

Hello, here is : MPEG AAC Audio (mp4a) …Many thanks. Daniel

Thanks Daniel,
I tried on Dorico 3.5.12 on macOS 10.14.6 to import a mp4 video with MPEG AAC audio(mp4a) and the sound is working ok.
However, I faced a few problems that perhaps will give you a hint for a resolution:

  • Using a bluetooth headphone at 48000Hz makes the video and playback marker still when playing (audio from video is playing)
  • Audio of the video plays slower than the original
  • Using a bluetooth headphone at 48000Hz displays a warning sign

So here are a few things to try:

  • Set audio output to computer internal audio
  • Try to “play” with fps in the video settings (25, video fps, …)
  • Re-attach the video

Perhaps sharing your version number of Dorico and system can help.

Bonne chance!

Hello Gil, actually my real problem was importing Cubase audio into Dorico. As this funcion does not exist, I thought of a trick by creating a video / audio file on Cubase except that I was in failure because I had forgotten the delimiters. And then I was able to import the file into Dorico with the sound, which allows me to work with the score to complete my musical project. Thanks a lot for your help. Best regards. Daniel