No sound wth Drum-machine hookup/Cubase Pro 9.5?

I clicked on “More” with the “Prompt for project location” button ticked; clicked on “Empty”, etc, & named it “Default”. I made sure the correct ASIO Driver (MOTU Audio ASIO) was selected under VST Audio System. I know this ASIO driver/hardware setup works fine because I’ve created a couple of test Projects by importing .wav files and messing around with effects and such. Apparently, I’m missing something during “setup” because I can’t hear this old Alesis SR-16 drum machine. Here is how I’ve set things up.

  1. Create Project - ticked “Prompt for project location” - clicked “More” - “Empty” - “Create” - choose location folder, etc;
  2. Project - Project Setup - 44.1KHz & 24 Bit Res; Record File Type: Wave File: Volume Max: +6dB; HMT Type: None; HMT Depth: 100; OK.
  3. Studio - Studio Setup - VST Audio System: drop down menu select MOTU driver, Input Latency: 5.261ms; Output Latency: 8.730ms; ASIO-Guard Latency: 0.00ms; HW Sample Rate: 44.100 kHz; HW Pull Up/Down: Off; clk OK; changed “Processing Precision” from 64bit to 32bit (re-started system); checked “Activate Multi Processing”; ASIO-Guard Level is ticked “normal”; “Audio Priority” is set to Normal; “Activate Steinberg Audio Power Scheme” NOT checked; “Disk Preload” is set to “2”; “Adjust for Record Latency” is Checked; “Record Shift” is set to “0”.
  4. Studio- Audio Connections - Inputs tab - (R-clicked to remove stereo setup) - R-clicked on L-side (Mono In), highlighted “Add Bus” & clicked “Mono”–created all Mono Inputs 1 thru 8 (for MOTU); Outputs tab - Cubase already created “Stereo Output” for MOTU; OK.
  5. For Audio Connections (Inputs tab) I created Mono 1 thru Mono 8 corresponding to Analog 1 thru Analog 8. For Audio Connections (Outputs tab), Cubase automatically setup a Stereo Out configuration with Left corresponding to Analog 1-2 -1 and Right corresponding to Analog 1-2 -2. The MOTU Audio ASIO was shown under “Audio Device” for both the Inputs and Outputs tabs; OK.
  6. I R-clicked in blank arrangement window & selected “Add Audio Track”; I added 8 Tracks & named Track 3–“SR-16 L” & Track 4–“SR-16 R”; I ran cables (L & R) OUT of the SR-16 drum machine to channels IN 3 & 4 of the MOTU. I brought up the Lower Zone “Level Faders” & clicked the Record Enable & Monitor buttons for these two Tracks. Hit play on the drum machine & no sound. I get “activity lights” IN on the drum machine channels 3 & 4 & the meters for “Mono In 3” & Mono In 4" in the Lower Zone Faders are active; the SR-16 L & SR 16 R “Audio” Faders to the right in the Lower Zone Faders show no activity & the SR-16 L & SR 16 R Tracks in the arrangement window also show no activity.
    What have I done wrong? Many thanks.


Much easier would be to share a screenshot. :wink:

I guess that on your Audio tracks 3 & 4, is not selected input 3 & 4. Double-check this, please.

Is it by purpose to record two mono tracks instead one stereo track?

Problem solved. After the Studio Setup & Audio Connections settings, the manual makes no mention of settings that need to be made in the “Inspector/Track”, “Direct Routing”, “Select Destination(s)”. I routed the SR-16 cables L to MOTU In-7 & R to MOTU In-8; named them in the Arrangement window; opened Inspector/Track & named (dbl-clk) Track 7–“SR-16 L” & Track 8–“SR-16 R”; clk/Highlight “SR-16 L”, clk Direct Routing, clk drop down menu–“Select Destination”, clk “Left” under “Stereo”; clk/Highlight “SR-16 R”, clk Direct Routing, clk drop down menu–“Select Destination”, clk “Right” under “Stereo”; DONE by trial and error. Too bad, because the whole thing could have been explained on one page in the manual.

Direct routing ?
Glad you got it to work, but direct routing is not necessary.