no sound


I’m using the Cubase AI4, 4.5.2.

When I started the computer (together with the external sound card), the sound did not function any more.
In the Device Setup I can see that the external sound card is not selected in the drop down list in the “VST Audio System”.
When I select my external sound card in the list I get the message: “Can not found a device. Please connect the devise”.
I have reinstalled the sound card driver, and the card is selected both in the input and the output busses, and in all other places in the Device Setup.
Also in the Vista OS I have selected the External sound card.
(I have restarted the computer many times)
(The only “unusual thing” that have occurred was that I turned of the Wireless function when I recorded, and the next time the sound did not function)

What can I do ?
regards B

dell Studio 35 Vista home premium

Hi Reo,

Please go to and download and install the 2.10 English ASIO Driver. Next inside Cubase AI4 go to Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, and switch to the ASIO4ALLV2 Driver and click Switch and click OK, and see if you are able to receive any playback.

Hi Joshua,

Thanks a lot for the answer.

But I found out that the problem did not had anything to do with Cubase.
It was the computer that could not connect to the external sound card, and no I have fixed that.

Best wishes R