hello i have a pc, w7, 64 bit, 4gb ram, E-MU 0404 PCI( beta 2.30), c6 elements 6 64 bit, HALion sonic SE, HALion sonic, dark planet, ( and hypersonic 2 ( it works in w7 like a stand alone synth without c6),w7 drivers on sampletank 2L, soniksynth 2) i want to get them to work together in cubase elements 6( i upgraded from cubase SE 3)
I have projekts wich use the old plugins. is it true and how do i do to make it work?
is cubase elements 6 have a vst bridge for 32-64 bit?
what is jbridge?
I get no sound out but i get midi signal in?
how should the e-mu dsp patch be set up?

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One tip I can give you for sample tank is to go into program files x86>steinberg>vst plugins and create a new folder call it sample tank…in the vst plugins folder you will find two files smampletank2.x.DLL and sampletank2.x. Cut and paste these into the new folder you made called sample tank…in my setup vst bridge couldn’t see the sample tank plugin and this was my only way to get it to in 64bit cubase.

Vst bridge can be found in devises>plugin information

Just update your plugin info and you should be good to go…one thing you may need to do is create a new plugin path.

To do this in plugin info select vst2x plugin paths
Then locate your new folder you made for sample tank.

I’m not say you definitely have to do this but I did with sample tank and other ik plugs

tank you

tobias nilsson
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