No Sound

I have a problem I hope somebody here can help me out with. I got Cubase 7 and everything is fine until I try to play sound. Sound does not come through Cubase even though I see the bar jumping up and down indicating it’s playing. I’ve spent quite a few hours trying to figure out how to fix this problem with no success. I’ve press “F4” and played with that window. I’ve went to devices/Device Setup and played around there too hoping to fix things. And still nothing. The monitor button is not a problem, tried it both off and on. Here are a few screenshots to maybe help. If you need more information ask me & I’ll respond with what I can. Thanks in advance!
Device Setup.png
VST Connections - Outputs.png

You have C7 and onboard soundcard?

Yes I do, all other sound and media work fine. Just Cubase won’t work. I’ve used Abelton Live Lite and everything works perfectly there.

Try ASIO4ALL drivers with your sound card

No sound here too, Scarlett 2i2 with ASIO4ALL. No matter what I do? :imp: The sound has been there and I haven´t installed anything on computer. Also lot of C6.0.2 projects crash on start up, can´t even read which plug it might be, it´s so fast.
Any advice would be great, I have searched, but no answer yet.

EDIT: How do you “downdate” program(i.e 7.0.1->7.0.0)? re-installation not possible at the moment?

And once again it depends on the OS, which is what you´re not posting unfortunately… :unamused:

Win7/64-bit, No restore points.

EDIT: Now there´s no sound on 6.5 either, great. No music making for while I guess, this has never ever happened to me before, and yes I know computers

Windows Start -> Control panel -> Programs and functions -> activate “show updates” top left -> select desired update und deinstall.

It´s Cubase and your soundcard you need to know…

I know the problem has to be the soundcard(since it uses crappy ASIO4ALL, even my old ESI-1010pci got native asio drivers)
Kontakt even plays in standalone thru 2i2 and every other media program, but not cubase :frowning:
Can´t waste more time today, since it´s day-off at last. Thanks for everything, if you come up any solution, i´ll be reading this…

This did the trick. Thank you very much all!